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At CADdesigns Group, we are perfectionists who are tirelessly in pursuit of providing the customer with the best experience possible. Late nights, long hours, independent thinking are the trademarks of our company. We can take your project scope to completion with as little as an email about what you are hoping to accomplish. We aren’t like every other design company, we don’t need every detail to complete our project. Because of our experience having done what you do day-to-day we understand that you have more important things to focus on which is why we will help take your idea to a new level to make it a non-concern.

Our commitment to our customer is simple – we will provide the best quality product in the most cost-effective way possible. We will work under tight timelines and develop systems that help you long-term. Speed to market and quick design time are paramount to any customer and it is what we will do for you to ensure that you can do the same for YOUR customer.

We look forward to joining you on your journey and the opportunity to help be a resource for bringing your vision to life. Contact us today to experience the difference for yourself.

At our Core

Meet the founder


Hi, there, I'm

Charlie Smith

For over a decade, the world of managing professional sporting events has been my playing field. From the PGA TOUR, LPGA and the roar of managing college football game day, I’ve seen and built a lot! My background blends engineering expertise with the fast-paced world we all know in sports and construction management.

But after years of watching operations teams struggle without using the power of CAD and 3D modeling, I saw a golden opportunity. CADdesigns Group was born out of the desire to help events maximize budgets, guarantee a perfect footprint design, and empowering clients to confidently visualize their designs before they hit the ground running.

Everyday I try to get a little bit better at what I do to be the biggest resource for people that I can be, if you ever need assistance with insurance, budgeting, partnerships in the marketplace, etc. I am a resource for you.

When I’m not helping clients strategize their plans, you’ll likely find me on the golf course, cheering on the Michigan Football in the Big House, or spending time with my amazing girlfriend Brandi and our dog, Sammy.

Who we aim to be

Our Mission

Completed Projects
A contemporary building with a tree in the foreground.

Our mission is simple: we seek to separate ourselves from our competitors with what we call “Our Why”. Our Why is about developing personal, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients to help them build systems that better their operation. With more of an onus on strong relationships and less on transactions, we are able to combine our visions to create the best work possible.

We understand the importance of turnaround timing and the urgency for speed to market with your clients. Our team of professionals prides itself on providing cutting-edge solutions in record time to help you surpass the expectations of your customer.

A contemporary house with a towering tree in the foreground.
Modern architecture, abstract 3D rendering with repetitive patterns and vibrant colors.
Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world”

- Elon Musk

Inspiring Possibilities,
Defining Spaces.

See the difference it can make when every project is drawn to the exact dimension down
to the smallest detail.