Our Process

Step — 1
Project Consultation
Step — 2
Concept Development
Step — 3
3D Modeling
Step — 4
Creation of final documents
Step — 5
Final Hand-off
Step — 6
Review and Revisions
Customized realities

Our Service

3D Modeling

We specialize in creating high-quality, 3D models for a variety of industries and applications. Our team of skilled professionals utilizes industry-leading software like Vectorworks, SketchUp, Lumion and AutoCAD to deliver exceptional results. 3-D modeling services include product modeling from scratch, enhanced design from pre-made designs or building immersive experiences by creating stunning virtual environments for virtual reality. Our hyper-realistic textures make you feel like you are there in real life.

Transforming Ideas into Digital Realities.
Product Modeling

Streamline your production process with our 3D modeling expertise. We transform any type of engineered prints into shop drawings. We can design one single part or a full assembly with work instructions showcasing how to assemble the components into digital 3D models for your team. Our services empower you to visualize production to gain a clear understanding, simplify the assembly process, boost communication and reduce prototype costs.

From Concept to Prototype, We Model Success.
2D site plans / Overlays

If you struggle to envision how your design will translate into the real space, we can help! We offer site map creation services into DWG files or directly onto Google Earth terrain. This allows you to see exactly how your plans will fit within the venue, eliminating unforeseen challenges and saving you money on last-minute adjustments. With our precise design, you can approach your event or gameday with complete confidence knowing there will be no surprises. Final products can include 2D overlays, course maps or full graphic design services.

Visualizing Spaces, Simplifying Planning.
Interior decor renderings

Immerse yourself in the future of your space. We create stunning, elaborae 3D interior design renderings that bring your vision to life. Imagine walking through your dream space before it’s even built. Our team utilizes Lumion to create photorealistic renderings with meticulous precision and real-life textures. Our designs allow you to use any texture, finish, furniture or subtle detail you want to incorporate into the space.

See Your Space Come to Life, Before It's Built.
Virtual Reality Videos

Looking to put yourself into a virtual environment? Using our software suite of packages, 360 degree VR experiences that push the boundaries of  storytelling are now available to you. Our services enable us to help put you into a real life environment so you can experience what it would be like before it is built. We can help you walk through a space or jump from spot to spot throughout your model to help guide your storytelling needs.

Step Into Tomorrow, Today.
Fabrication Shop Drawings

If you have an engineered design but lack the required details to take the prints to fabrication we can help you source the drawings. In addition to a full-scale review to ensure the parts and pieces fit, we will produce drawings you can take directly to your manufacturing fabrication partner. In addition to the details required for shop prints, we will help you generate a BOM and assembly instructions (if required) to streamline the process for your field staff.

Precision Blueprints for Flawless Fabrication.
Reliability, speed & Quality

Average Turnaround time

hour average turnaround time for all projects in 2024

Welcome to CADdesigns Group, where precision meets efficiency. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver not only stunning 3D renderings but also prompt service tailored to your needs. With a keen focus on fast turnaround times, we understand the urgency in bringing your vision to life.

Ready to transform your ideas into captivating visuals? Don't let time be a constraint. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience the difference with CADdesigns Group. Let's bring your vision to reality, together.

A pristine white building under a clear sky, adorned with windows.

Partner Testimonials

Having a professional like Charlie Smith as our CAD provider is very important to the
PRO EM National Event Services. Charlie has extensive knowledge in the
event/structure industry and consistently delivers quality work in a timely fashion.”

Kurt Olson
National Sales Manager, ProEm

"As a Tour employee, I have worked closely with Charlie for nearly 10 years, planning and implementing the Tours operational goals.  Our number one goal as a Tour is to create a comfortable environment for our Professionals.  He handles every situation with class and professionalism."

Cory Konrad
Director, Tournament Operations, PGA TOUR

Inspiring Possibilities,
Defining Spaces.

See the difference it can make when every project is drawn to the exact dimension down
to the smallest detail.